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Energy Performance Certificate Requirement Revision

Over the past year we’ve been careful to warn our investors about the new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) requirements that were due to come into force in April 2022.

These amendments would require any rental property to carry a minimum EPC rating of “D” in order to be legally rented out.

However these plans have since been put “on hold”. The Scottish Government revision now states that their intention is that all rental properties should carry a minimum standard of “C” by 2028. Any NEW tenancies from 2025 will be required to have the “C” rating.

However, exemptions will be permitted for rental properties “where it is not feasible to do so”. Detail on what exactly these exceptions will refer to is vague, but we would speculate that this would possibly include listed buildings and perhaps properties with flat roofs where insulating above the top floor is not feasible.

We have vast experience of improving EPC’s above “D” rating in clients’ anticipation of the (now scrapped) 2022 revisions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice on this.

Source: Umega Lettings

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