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Investor, Hong Kong

Referred to us by Umega in 2020, David came across a very knowledgeable and approachable person during our first conversation. David's response has always been timely and communication couldn't have been easier even though we are 8 time zones apart. Talking to David, you can sense that he is someone who is genuinely interested in the property market and investment, yet he keeps a cool head and numbers in his mind when selecting the properties and making offers. David has a very practical approach towards BTL investment and he finds (I dont know how!) good quality properties that are tailored to our investment need. For all the properties we were shown, David would always indicate potential achievable rent, a suggested offer price, a max offer price and yield. He looks at the numbers carefully and dont let emotion or ego dictate the decision process. David always shares, generously, his thoughts on the pros and cons of each one, which makes it really easy for us to make the comparison. 

We have only worked with David for a few months, and he has already helped us get a property that we love. I am grateful that David has kindly stepped in to help out with the rest of the purchasing process when I was a bit lost as to what to do next. Throughout the process, David was providing us with facts and advice and we are, in no way, rushed into buying a property just because that is what he does. It has been a true pleasure to be working with David and I have learnt quite a few things about the property markets in Edinburgh from him. I am looking forward to our joint adventure in the coming years.

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